Band members New York 1996

I’m looking for the line up of The Who’s shows at the Madison Square Garden in New York in 1996. They played six shows. I need the members of the brass section and the background singers. I recognized Billy Nichols, Simon Gardner and Neil Sidwell.

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Story of British music from the real fans’ point of view

I’ve got a Mail from a production company making a BBC series called the “People’s History of Pop” due to air in 2016 that will tell the story of British popular music from the people that loved it most – the fans. They’re taking a unique approach to the research and are crowdsourcing people’s memories and memorabilia, whether that be photos, ticket stubs, old records etc.

The series is due to air on BBC4 in four episodes, starting in the spring. Instead of interviewing “experts” and celebs, they want to tell the story from the fans’ perspective. So they are crowdsourcing people’s memories and memorabilia from across the UK, covering all music and youth cultures from 1956 to 1996.

The company is doing this in partnership with History Pin – an online sharing platform where people can upload their pictures, records, memories etc. The documentary will then feature the best of what’s been uploaded to the site. This is a chance to tell the story of British music from the real fans’ point of view.

This BBC website explains what we’re doing quite well:

Here is the site where everyone is uploading items so you can see what’s already gone up:

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Support bands: Bell and Arc

Donn Bennet ask for dates, where Bell and Arc openend for The Who:

I’m tracing the history of Bell and Arc, a band that opened several Who shows in 1970-71? Do you have any record of opening bands in this era. Ultimately I would like to know dates of the shows Bell and Arc performed with the Who.

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The Who postponed North American Tour 2015

The WHo confirmed that they are postponing all remaining dates on their “THE WHO HITS 50!” North American tour. They had initially postponed FOUR shows on doctors orders after Roger Daltrey contracted a mystery virus. Initially it was hoped that the rest of the tour might proceed, but after extensive tests the seriousness of his condition became apparent when doctors diagnosed Roger as having viral Meningitis and prescribed a period of rest. The band apologize to fans and realize that the postponement will cause an inconvenience for ticketholders. It wasn’t a decision taken lightly–THE WHO always give their fans 100% and were never going to compromise the show, but ultimately the band had no alternative but to postpone the tour. Infos at

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The Who postpone four shows on Fall 2015 Tour

HE WHO have postponed four shows of their fall “THE WHO HITS 50!” North American tour to allow lead singer Roger Daltrey proper time to recover from a virus he contracted. Based on doctor’s orders, the first four dates of the tour launch–September 14 at Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, September 16 at Honda Center in Anaheim, September 19 at Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and September 21 at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles–have been postponed. The band regrettably has cancelled their September 18 performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. “THE WHO HITS 50!” tour will resume September 24 at Moda Center in Portland, OR. Details on the rescheduled dates will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Thetford 1964?

Stuart asks about a show in Thetford in 1964:

I was a bouncer at a Who gig in Thetford, UK, probably around 1964. I was actually a “spotter” and stood on stage the whole night! That gig isn’t listed at all. Maybe you can find out a bit more about it? Cheers

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Opening act ‘Toronto – December 1975?

Miss D. asks for the opening act in Toronto 1975.

Curious: would you happen to know the opening act of their Toronto December 75 show? Jimmy Cliff? Or, do you know of any other website that also makes note of their opening acts? Many thanks.

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New feature: Song list

I’m testing a new feature: Now you can check all the songs The Who played on a tour. Check the list for 2015: Songlist 2015. This feature is in beta status.

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Missing Entwistle show in 1987

Richard asks about a date of John Entwistle in 1987, which is not listed in the Concert Guide:

I saw John Entwhistle band in Columbia< South Carolina in a now closed venue. It was most likely the year 1987. I have heard a recording of a show from that year in dc and it matches what I sorta remember. Anyway-does anyone else recall the date of this show? The venue was a large club next to the Township auditorium near downtown Columbia. thank you. Cheers

Known dates of John Entwistle in 1987: John Entwistle tour dates 1987

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The Who postpones and cancel European shows

Seems, that The Who have bigger things to do: The band decided to play Glastonbury and cancelled and postponed sold out shows in Paris and Amsterdam. The new dates: 28.06.2015: Glastonbury; 30.06.2015: Paris; 02.07.2015: Amsterdam.

I agree with Eric Champarnaud: “To cancel an engagement for another engagement is extremely shitty. Unless there is a good reason we don’t know about? Now is the time to tell us. Why is Glasto taking precedence over the scheduled dates? Why is it a priority? Is it money? Is it exposure? Is it something else? What makes the Glastonbury audience more deserving? Rescheduling two sold-out shows into one show this late in the game is saying to the fans: “We don’t give a fuck about you”. Personally? No skin off my back. I’m a sucker, I’ll go the make-up show. No problem. But how about the potentially thousands of fans who had made plans? Travel, hotel, babysitter, etc… How will they be compensated? Is that how a working band operates? Is this the legacy you want to leave behind, on your 50th anniversary? Will Paris be treated to a lackluster make-up gig because you gave your all to the people of Glastonbury? And what if the people who come to the make-up show decide to show you how they feel about being shat on? I know I speak for a lot of fellow fans when I say this display of unprofessional carelessness is disappointing and hurtful, and we didn’t think this band in particular was capable of it. Someone, preferably Pete or Rog, please clear the air and tell us exactly who took that decision and why?” (Facebook The Who Fan Page)

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