The Who postpones and cancel European shows

Seems, that The Who have bigger things to do: The band decided to play Glastonbury and cancelled and postponed sold out shows in Paris and Amsterdam. The new dates: 28.06.2015: Glastonbury; 30.06.2015: Paris; 02.07.2015: Amsterdam.

I agree with Eric Champarnaud: “To cancel an engagement for another engagement is extremely shitty. Unless there is a good reason we don’t know about? Now is the time to tell us. Why is Glasto taking precedence over the scheduled dates? Why is it a priority? Is it money? Is it exposure? Is it something else? What makes the Glastonbury audience more deserving? Rescheduling two sold-out shows into one show this late in the game is saying to the fans: “We don’t give a fuck about you”. Personally? No skin off my back. I’m a sucker, I’ll go the make-up show. No problem. But how about the potentially thousands of fans who had made plans? Travel, hotel, babysitter, etc… How will they be compensated? Is that how a working band operates? Is this the legacy you want to leave behind, on your 50th anniversary? Will Paris be treated to a lackluster make-up gig because you gave your all to the people of Glastonbury? And what if the people who come to the make-up show decide to show you how they feel about being shat on? I know I speak for a lot of fellow fans when I say this display of unprofessional carelessness is disappointing and hurtful, and we didn’t think this band in particular was capable of it. Someone, preferably Pete or Rog, please clear the air and tell us exactly who took that decision and why?” (Facebook The Who Fan Page)

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  1. Cousin Kevin says:

    Hear hear!

    This switching of already announced gigs for more lucrative ones (happened already twice on this tour: Dublin -> Abu Dhabi GP and this Paris -> Glastonbury) shows total disrespect for the fans by the band and/or the management, that makes me very upset.

    Nevermind the fact that this tour has quite effectively ignored continental Europe again (like was the case with the Quadrophenia tour) with only three gigs, now even one less.

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