The Who 1965 in Swansea

Drummer was not sure. Got a new message. “Yes, Keith Moon was replaced by the Pretty Things Viv Prince that night. I was there”.


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V 9.04: Singles-Section

We added a new section for 7-inch and 12-inch. It’s not complete and we will add more stuff within the next few weeks.

You can find it here:

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John Entwistle Band 1999

I have reworked John Entwistle 1999:

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1968 Shows removed and more shows added

I removed two shows from 1968, because there’s no info that these shows took place:

  • July 24th 1968: Philadelphia
  • August 5th, 1968: Chicago

Reworked the 1968 gig list. Many shows added to Canadian/US-Tour July and August 1968:


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Minor changes

I’m still working on the database model and changed a few things:

  • Songs played at a concert can get versions (for example: Cry If You Want [Jam]). The idea is to present more informations about a song played at a show. Will take some time to add the infos to the setlists.
  • Moved the infos about a show from the right side to the main content area of the details.
  • Removed the toggle-boxes
  • FLAC-recordings can now have different sides: Odeon, Cinema 1971

Also I deleted some bugs …

More changes very soon …

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Removed Vancouver, April 3rd 1968

Ir emoved the Who’s show in vancouver, April 3rd 1968. Peter Wingert says, The Who wrote, that The Who couldn’t play that night in Vancouver: “You have the Who playing in Vancouver Canada on this date. Considering they played five months earlier in Vancouver and they did play New York on April 4th, this show in Vancouver is very unlikely. In fact, I live in Vancouver, having seen them in the 70’s, 80’s 90’s and 21 rst century, so I know they did not play here.” New info from Stephen Butler: “Having read on your site that The Who played Vancouver on the above date, having only played there as recently as March 1, 1968, and then beginning a residency in New York’s Fillmore East the following night, has anyone not guessed that the April 3 gig was also in New York’s Fillmore East? There is no Fillmore Auditorium in Vancouver that I know of, and so it would be the obvious conclusion that this would be the answer.” I deleted this show, because date and venue seems to be wrong.


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Support act Cambrai 1974?

Zampa asks for the support band in Cambari 1974:

‘I ‘m 66 old and I was among the happy fanatics admitted in the Palais des Grottes for this fab first show I could see with my very best friends of this divine time But a question still obsess : I stay convicted there was an another band performing in the first part of this show ,an outstanding band ,in my memories ,believe it or not .Can somebody tell me if I’m wrong or right,and the name of these excellent musicians ?Cheers…’

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Lad’s Club in Norwich during 1970 or 1971

Mike is looking for infos about an unknown Who show 1970/71.

The Who appeared at the Lad’s Club in Norwich during 1970 or 1971 I’m not sure which.
The website has no mention of this gig.
The website does say that they appeared at the University and at the University of East Anglia (same place) at around this time, however due to a dispute between the Student’s Union and the powers that be at the UEA the gigs, for a period of time, had to be held elsewhere (the Lad’s Club).

Any info is welcome

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Who can transfer DAT-Tapes?

I found my old recording of Pete Townshend’s Lifehouse concert at Saddlers Well, recorded 26.02.2000. I never listened to it, because I never had a DAT-player. I borrowed the recorder for this one night, but forgot to transfer it to tape or CD.

I can’t say anything about the quality of the recording, but I’m sure that there’s an intermission (maybe recorded), because I had to buy a coke for my girlfriend from that time, who was diabetic, and at the beginning of the second part she needed sugar …

The concert is interesting, because Pete started Baba O’Riley twice.

Can anyone transfer old DAT-tapes to CD or FLAC?


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Townshend at the Volcano Concert

I have two recordings from Pete Townshend’s appearance at the Volcano Concert in London at the Royal Albert Hall in February 1986. He played with his daughter Emma Townshend and Peter Hope-Evans. Both sources have four songs, but two tracks are different. The one source is an audience recording, the other is a fm-recording. Both sources have I’m One and Save It for Later. Comparing I’m One shows, that the song is from the same concert. The instrumentations are the same – piano, harmonica, guitar and a drum computer with basses, and a another show with that lineup is unknown.

Audience recording:

  • Introduction
  • Eyesight to The Blind
  • Hiding Out
  • I’m One
  • Save it For later (started twice)


  • Pinball Wizard
  • Magic Bus
  • I’m One
  • Save It For Later

I’m pretty sure that the sources are from the same recording. Now we have the following setlist:

  • Eyesight to The Blind
  • Pinball Wizard
  • Magic Bus
  • Hiding Out
  • I’m One
  • Save it For Later

The running order is unknown. So any help is welcome.

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