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I need your help to make the The Who Concert Guide better and better and to get more information about shows of The Who or of members of The Who. This Blog is the place to help.

I receive a lot of E-Mails with comments and questions about The Who’s shows, which I can’t answer. Using the Concert-Database of The Who’s official website is a good place to find (some) exact dates, but it’s no help to solve conflicts.

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  1. John Windridge says:

    I followed The Who from 1965 and remember seeing them in Wellington, shropshire in early 1966. Venue was the Majestic ballroom (more like a scout hut and long since demolished). Memorable for Pete announcing “Daltrey’s ill tonight” and doing all the singing himself. Somewhere I wrote the set list down (in an old diary) and must have the date too. Was round the time of the “Substitute” debacle,released,withdrawn,rereleased etc. Saw them many times in Birmingham/Coventry area including a strange night at the Belfry before it was turned in to a Golf Club. Took some photos there but now long lost.
    Keith I saw at the Coventry Theatre with Viv Stanshall on a shambolic night as part of the Lanchester Arts Festival.

  2. Mickey P. says:

    ‘Principal Edwards Magic Theatre’ (1968 – 1971) have The Who playing at The Roundhouse on 23rd November 1969 accompanied by Ambrose Slade and, of course, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre. It is claimed that the giglist info was kept by the group themselves.
    We, in the Ambrose Slade camp, have no record of this date and it does not appear in The Who concert guide archives so…..

    Can anybody substantiate this appearance. Was anybody else in attendance, does anybody have an advert, a review, a ticket stub, etc. Anything really that can confirm that The Who & Slade shared The Roundhouse stage in 1969?

  3. Randy Southern says:

    I saw the for the first time at vets memorial ,Columbus Ohio on Nov.1st.1969 they peformed their usual set with Tommy they also did a james gang song I beleive it was I dont have the time to,off their first L.P. the show was Great.

  4. Adrian Stambach says:

    Your information regarding The Who’s appearance in Brighton on 2nd August 1964 is incorrect. They shared an “All Nite Rave” with us as “The High Numbers” 2nd/3rd August, also their Luton Majestic gig in the same month was on Thursday 20th, we shared that with them also.

    I hope this info is helpful.

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