New in version 6.0

The Who Concert Guide version 6 will be the last mayor update of the Guide. I’m sure there will be better sites in the future that will include all the information that is listes here.

But until that day when I call it a day, I’m going to make the version as good as I can.

Some new features of version 6:

  • New print version
  • New information attendance
  • New information support act
  • New information Encore
  • New information US-State
  • Find songs with different spellings (e.g. ”Tea And Theatre” and “Tea And Theater”)
  • New gallery feature from homepage
  • New search option for Records
  • Changed database structure for concerts for better improvement
  • Changed database structure for records
  • RSS-feed
  • Google search-Engine added
  • Rate shows (CG 6.1)
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