Minor changes

Sometimes I believe that I never finish work on the Guide. Everyday I find some small bugs or I have to change things because I’ve got some new ideas. Tonight I changed the Concert-Detail page a little bit, removing a bug with the pictures and removing the link to tapes. You find a tapes listed, but you don’t get details about the songs or anything else.

I get many, many mails from people asking where they could buy tapes from a show. I don’t sell tapes or anything else. The only way to get Who-live-music is via www.longliverock.org or via www.themusic.com. Both sites are absolutely perfect!

I also had to add a new data-field to the newspapers. I’m in danger getting trouble because of the copyright law in Germany. A few months ago a girl from an German online-magazine had sent me an E-Mail with a link to their review about the show in Ulm in 2006, and now she wrote, I would be stealing her review. I’m not stealing reviews (you always find a source etc.), but I took the review off and removed many reviews from German newspapers. I’m now preparing sending mails to all the newspapers asking for permission.

Let’s hope Roger is ok!

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