The Who live at the University of Kent

I got different infos about The Who’s show at the University of Kent in Canterbury, on May 8th 1970. Joe McMichaeland “Irish” Jack Lyons have another city for this date: Liverpool University. The concert add from the New Musical Express shows this date with Genesis. Now I got an Email from Dave Sheather, who writes:

I was a regular at Kent University gigs around 1970 and I never saw the Who there,which I definitely would have gone to. I remember seeing Genesis supporting headliners Fairport Convention in 1970
the Richard Thompson /Dave Swarbrick line up

Because of the Concert Add in New Musical Express I’m not sure about the concert. Any info is welcome.

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  1. GARY says:

    Hi, i was at the who gig at the university of kent but can’t find an entry for it. Was wondering what the actual date of the gig was. I remember hitching all the way from london and back to attend and spending the night on a bus in the bus station in canterbury. Great performance and great days. Was also at the hammersmith palais gig late 1970. Was at the front. Nearly got the broken guitar thrown to the crowd. Another memorable night.

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