The Who in Wolverhampton 1966

There’s an unknow date of The Who in Wolverhampton in 1966. It’s not listed in the Gigographie at, but there’s an newspaper add that the band played in Wolverhampton on a Monday night:

The Who’s first appearance in Wolverhampton on Monday was an absolute gas. When I reviewed their L.P. some time ago I said they were paving the way to a new and exciting sound. Now they have obviously run a motorway over the paving. It was staggering to consider what they could do with two electric guitars and then compare it with what groups like The Shadows turn out. Keith Moon’s drumming is more like an explosion than an accompaniment“ so much so that a youth was carrying out running repairs to his kit halfway through.

You can find the article here: (scroll down to post #271).

Does anybody remember the exact date? Any help is welcome.

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  1. John & Yvonne Fellows says:

    I have the date as Monday 25 July 1966 @ Queens Ballroom Wolverhampton

    I had the very great thrill/honour of seeing the band on my 16th birthday at Walsall Town Hall Tue 19 April 66 – a corker of a show

    I have quite a few boots for trade if you are interested – ps I am now in Australia

    Take care

    John Fellows

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