Incident in New York

Bill sent this report about an incident in New York 1979. Does anyone know the date of the show in September 1979?

Among the several Who shows I attending in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I was in Madison Square Garden, NYC–USA in 1979. Sorry, I don’t remember which specific night, but what is of interest to me is the incident that I witnessed that night.

Sitting in the first row of the 2nd level, stage right literally viewing right down the front of the stage from overhead. Excellent viewing vantage. Roger was very upset with a fan he perceived to be a ‘bully’. After some words and an ‘intervention’ from the road crew, Roger ultimately wound up in the seats ‘dealing’ with the surly fan.

It was a vivid event, I know I did not imagine, it cause quite a commotion and involved a ‘punch’ Roger threw at the guy.

I’m in search of corroboration of this memory from many years ago. fyi–the guys also had a ‘pie-fight’ on stage that night, a bit of fun and perhaps ‘release’. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed the show but would love to hear someone else say that they too remember this incident with Roger and that fan.

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  1. Thomas Daley says:

    It was September 16th 1979, Kenny Jones Birthday, they presented him with a cake and a”Happy Jack” moment followed . Roger was trying to stop some guy from moving to the front of the stage by trampling over some girls. Sadly Ironic considering the tragedy in Cincinnati three months later.
    I was there with all my friends from Greenlawn, LI NY
    Tom Daley

    • Thomas Daley says:

      I’m happy to see my last post was shown:
      I’m amazed of the coincidence of my last posting being exactly Kenny Jones Birthday ,however the point is:

      I’m a big time who collector /lover, I was born in 1960,
      My Mom got me interested in THE WHO, in 1968,When she found the who SELL OUT[a year after it came out } in the thrift shop, for 25 cent, cause she thought it was comedy album, WHAT with Roger in his Baked Bean Bath.

      My major point is I grew up in LI NY, very near NYC and have continuously gone back home and bought stuff ,
      I Have about 450 “Who” Vinyl Albums/bootlegs and an equal amount of 300 CD/bootlegs
      I also have is entire 2002 Concert Series in the “lock down’ case, (Because I was Some what Rich at that point.)

      How can I share this , For Free with other Who Fans?

      I’m sure you’ve all seen 99% of this stuff before
      But sometimes: I find stuff that Knocks me away,even after 40 years
      Like “The Instrumental “The Who Sessions at ABBEY ROAD form ~64 (_45minutes)
      I got it
      Please tell me how to Share it ?
      I like, people that, like, what I like ,
      Thomas Daley
      Thank you, I only really look at this email: Because it’s where I work

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