Removed Vancouver, April 3rd 1968

Ir emoved the Who’s show in vancouver, April 3rd 1968. Peter Wingert says, The Who wrote, that The Who couldn’t play that night in Vancouver: “You have the Who playing in Vancouver Canada on this date. Considering they played five months earlier in Vancouver and they did play New York on April 4th, this show in Vancouver is very unlikely. In fact, I live in Vancouver, having seen them in the 70’s, 80’s 90’s and 21 rst century, so I know they did not play here.” New info from Stephen Butler: “Having read on your site that The Who played Vancouver on the above date, having only played there as recently as March 1, 1968, and then beginning a residency in New York’s Fillmore East the following night, has anyone not guessed that the April 3 gig was also in New York’s Fillmore East? There is no Fillmore Auditorium in Vancouver that I know of, and so it would be the obvious conclusion that this would be the answer.” I deleted this show, because date and venue seems to be wrong.


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